Welcome To Plastics and Packaging Consultants

Our company is a collective of amazing people striving to build delightful products. We have in depth experience in Plastics business & PP Non-woven fabric and materials business and in total a combined experience of 36 years of business, marketing and sales experience. We have knowledge about Solid business, marketing, technical and supply chain knowledge of Plastics, PP Non Woven fabric and materials, Industrial raw materials, vendors and customers. We have given a consultancy service for business and technical expert to solve customer related & technical problems. We have a global knowledge of geography, plastic & PP Non-woven fabric and materials industries, customer service, plant logistics, shipping issues. 

Sales & Marketing

Sales & Marketing of New Startup Companies in Plastics & Packaging field, Finished products, Quality control , Training the Staff/ Marketing people.

Total consultancy

Total Project consultant for Projects (Location of the Plant, Factory Shed Design requirements, Machinery Selection, Accessories selection, etc..)

New Development

Application Development or New Business Development ,Market Sampling and Feedback report for New Projects only

Machinery Procurement

We are assist in procurement of any plastics and packaging machinery either imported or indian machines.

Plastics Ban in India

From Jan’19 Single use Plastic products such as HMHDPE carry bags, PP Non Woven carry bags, D cut bags, U cut bags, W cut bags, Box type Laminated bags, Paper coated cups & Plates etc are banned currently. We can offer alternative solutions for the above products thru’ telephonic consultations, Personal consultations in and around Chennai and Outstation visit consultations to various clients depending upon their need and requests. We can give clear alternative solutions, Problem solving oriented people. You can avail our services by paying different consultation methods.

Plastics are not the problem for environment, Plastic Garbage created by the Society is the Problem. Use Plastics wisely and Dispose it nicely or Dispose it properly by adopting scientific methods. We can discuss details only on consultations by telephonic or in person or by my personal visits by adopting different payment methods.

Payment for different consultations method

Telephonic consultations – Clients are allowed to consult for 15 to 20 minutes on issue basis. Charges will be intimated to you and Bank details will be given.
In Person consultations – Clients can visit my office and have detailed discussions – Consulting fee. Will be charged per hour basis.
Consultant Visit to your Place – Clients can be visited by the consultant personally in and around. Chennai on Chargeable fee basis.
Consultant Visit to Outstation Clients – We can visit any client PAN India, provided client is willing. To pay the travel expenses, accommodation and consulting fees.