Eye Dropper Lids Development

Titanium Prosthetic Heart Valve Discs

Plastic Pneumatic Air Hose

Replacing Nylon 6 Parts with Polyacetal (POM) material in Wet Grinder

Replacing Brass Components in Flush tank Cisterns with POM material

Mass Reduction of Transit Loss of Milk in a larger dairy Units

Introduction of Nonwoven Banana Bunch covers

Introduction of Nonwoven Various Fruits Protection covers

Introduction of Nonwoven Crop covers/ Row covers/ Grow covers

Introduction of Offset printing on Nonwoven fabrics

Introduction of Nonwoven protection covers for Export auto components

Introduction of Nonwoven fabrics/covers for Shoe exports

Replacement of Cotton fabrics to Nonwoven fabrics in Mattress Industry/ Furniture Industry

Replacement of Metallic Fuel tanks in Two Wheelers & Four Wheelers with HDPE tanks

Replacement of Cotton Fabrics in Korah Sleeping Mats Edges to PP Nonwoven Fabrics