Introduction of Offset printing on Nonwoven fabrics

During Mid 1990’s Nonwoven fabrics are printed only by Screen printing or Flexographic printing methods for the manufacture of wedding gift bags and Big shopper bags.

During the year 2006 we introduced Offset printing on Nonwoven fabrics and used it for sales Promotional bags and big shopper bags used by Textiles shops. In 2007, I introduced NW for the packing of Branded Basmati rice, good quality raw rice and Boiled rice bags.  NW bags offers breathability and avoids fungus growth in the grains. In 2009, we introduced NW in White cement 25 Kgs. packing, Toor dal and Urad dal packing, Atta flour packaging and various agricultural Seeds Packing. We also introduced Multicolored Offset bags for Big Shopper bags, Sales Promotional bags used by Textile shops and jewelry shops.In 2012, We introduced BOPP printed and Laminated Nonwoven bags to be used in Sales Promotional bags used by Textiles shops and Jewelry shops.

Today, it is opened up a market in South India alone 4000 to 5000 MT per month for No n woven materials.