Mass Reduction of Transit Loss of Milk in a larger dairy Units

India’s 5th Largest Dairy plant to reduce the loss of Milk around 6000 Liters per day due to transit loss hired my services as consultant. Then we have taken the following steps to reduce the loss of Milk from 6K liters to 2K liters:

1.      Selection of right grade of LDPE/LLDPE and Metallocenes and thickness for each liter capacity and sizes.

2.       Introduction of Special additives to improve the Sealing strength, Tackiness and impact modifier for each Pouch.

3.      Surprise Inspection Checks were done to control the quality of the supplier made products.

4.      Introduction of UV stabilized HDPE Milk crates with Month / Year Printing to ensure each crate life is extended up to 3 to 4 years.

5.      Visiting the Suppliers of Milk crates for Surprise Inspection checks were also undertaken.

6.      Based on given advice, they achieved a loss of 2000/liters per day from 6000/ liters per day.  We saved around Rs.20 Million per year.

7.      We can bring down a min. loss of 500 liters per day due to financial constraints it was not pursued further.