Replacement of Metallic Fuel tanks in Two Wheelers & Four Wheelers with HDPE tanks

During 1990’s Fuel efficiency was the Mantra for automobile Vehicles and we replaced several metallic components to Plastics to get the Weight reduction in the vehicles, so that fuel efficiency was better. There was lot of reservation from the automobile companies to replace metallic Fuel tanks.   We took as a Challenge and Worked with TVS Suzuki (then Ind- Suzuki) and Hyundai for Cars and Ashok Leyland for Lorries. Then we identified Suitable vendors/ Processors and designed HDPE Fuel tanks and supplied mock samples. The Automobile companies had done several tests on the Life of the fuel tanks and finally got approved. Then we took this success story to all the automobile manufacturers in allover India. During Successive years we almost converted all the Fuel Tanks and Water tanks for the wiper motors to HDPE material. This opened up a Market of 600 MT per year for HDPE material.

Then we tried to replace Overhead Water tanks from Metallic to Flame Retardant HMHDPE special grade tanks in Indian Railway coaches. During 1990’s Railway Coach Water leaking was a perennial problem. We have imported Special grade of HMHDPE from our Collaborators M/s Hoechst AG, Germany.  We have made special mold and took several trials thru’ our valuable client M/s Polyene General, Chennai. First we got the approval from ICF Coach Factory, Chennai then we took it for RDSO, Lucknow for further tests. Due to Railway Officials reservation, we could not implement the project. Even today, it is a worthwhile Project.