Replacing Brass Components in Flush tank Cisterns with POM material

During 1990’s most of the Western type flush tank Cistern were using inner flush components are made of brass and the components don’t have water immersion properties it used to get rusted, after some time algae and fungal infestation will develop and it will become non functional. During those years, 99% Flush tanks in India will not work due the above problems.

M/s Parry ware, Chennai wanted to have proper solution for this cistern related problems. Another Consultant had advised them, to use Nylon 6 components due to the Nylon material water absorption problems and frequent wear and tear of the components even then Problem cropped up again after 3-6 months time.

Hence, we approached their tool developer after discussion with Parry ware and gave them POM material samples and given lot of ideas for mold corrections. Parry ware tested the product on various field trials and finally approved the POM materials.

Hence the POM material was introduced to other Flush tank manufacturers as part of market extension and cisterns were become smooth and trouble free . All the Ceramic tanks in the Cisterns were also replaced by PP Plastic tanks and the scaling problem inside the tanks also got eliminated. During that time, this one application gave us 300 to 400 MT POM market in India.