Introduction of Nonwoven Crop covers/ Row covers/ Grow covers

Based on our suggestion Nonwoven in such applications by preparing the field with necessary accessories and created Low cost tunnels instead of Green house farming. It creates microclimate (5 to 7 degree Celsius less) for the growth, reduced the use of pesticides, increase the quality and size of the fruit and Vegetables, protected from birds and pests and quicker yields. This covers can be used for 3 to 5 seasons depending upon the crop.

We successfully introduced Such Row covers/ Crop covers for Tomatoes, Chili, Cauliflower, Capsicum, carrots, cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, Potatoes, Cumin etc crops. We also introduced vegetable protection covers for Bottle guard and snake guard etc. We successfully introduced such Grow covers for Water melons, Musk melon, Strawberry & other fruits. We also introduced Grow covers for Coriander, Roman Lettuces and Iceberg lettuces etc. We also introduced Grow covers for Sun flowers to protect from Birds and pests and Protection covers for Jasmine flower plants to protect from excess mist during winter seasons. Excess mist will cause flower burning or color changing and yield and selling Price will be affected. We also introduced this Grow cover sheets to Tea Plantations to avoid excess mist and extreme cold conditions which affected the yield of tea leaves. By using Nonwoven Grow cover sheets this problem can be eliminated successfully. This is an ideal application for organic fruits and vegetables and greens.

Today Nonwoven various Crop /Row /Grow cover protection have a market of 1500 to 2000   MT per year.