Non woven Banana Bunch covers

In the late 1990’s, Banana Bunch covers were introduced in PE film materials and it has to punctured to have breathability and unable control the pest menace due to the holes created in the film. Covers were torn by wind force and storm even a single use of those covers were not possible.

Based on our suggestion they introduced UV stabilized Non Woven Banana Bunch Protection covers which solved many of the farmer’s problems.  It gives microclimate for the growth, Increase the quality and Size of the fruit , reduce the use of pesticides , Increase the productivity of the Crop by 25%, protect from sunburn and black spots on fruits, protects from Birds and Pest, protect from leaf minor and viral infection and it allows water and air flow. Because of this the fruit quality is improved, the fruit is now in uniform in sizes without any spots with more aesthetic appeal, and suitable for exports.

We first introduced such Bunch covers in Theni District of Tamil Nadu for G9 variety of Banana and then introduced in all over India. Non woven covers can be used for 2 to 3 seasons depending on the Banana variety. The yield of the bunch is in 105 days instead of 120 days. Today, Banana being exported to UAE, Iraq, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman and other Gulf countries.

We also exported Non woven Banana Bunch covers to Philippines, Australia and Sri Lanka and Thailand. Today Nonwoven Banana Protection covers have a market of 400 to 500 MT per year.

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Plastic Pneumatic Air Hose

During 1990’s Metallic pneumatic air hoses are widely used in engineering industries. The  Metallic  pneumatic air hoses were rigid & not very flexible . A company from Coimbatore was interested in developing the same by using plastic material. We suggested trying using Polyacetal Copolymer (POM) & after various trials finally product got approved and widely used today. We were involved as application development and organizing various grade samples.

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Eye Dropper Lids Development

During 1990’s , LDPE based eye droppers were used in the market and it was cracking within few dropper usages . The samples of EVA material was given to few injection molders. It was corrected molding tool for shrinkage factor and it was found the final product from was free from cracking. EVA dropper lids are today widely accepted in the market. We solved the problem of cracking in the eye droppers and found new application of EVA raw material.

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